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About our Club


Our Club is focused on making a positive impact through sport, bio-diversity, volunteering and recreation in a safe, friendly, respectful and inclusive environment.

We believe in creating opportunities for our members and wider community to be active in sport to support health and wellbeing; active in volunteering to learn new skills and grow in confidence, support the development of our Club and care for our wonderful site; and active in recreation to build a thriving hub of social and leisure activity.

Sporting Facilities

We provide sports facilities primarily for bowls, cricket and tennis, with our grounds also actively used on a weekly basis by a number of community groups for other sporting and recreational activity, including archery, fitness and football.  We have 4 all weather courts, 1 standard bowling green, 1 back green (standard bowling green size) and a large pitch.

tennis courts

Clubhouse and Pavilion

Our grounds have two buildings, a Clubhouse and a Pavilion, both of which provide space for indoor activities, social events and hospitality.  There are kitchen facilities in both buildings, toilets, changing rooms and showering areas.  A baby change table will also be available in our Clubhouse.

Albert Park and clubhouse

Langside Rest

The Langside Rest, our bar and refreshment service, is located in our Clubhouse.  Together with our function area, it is available to hire for events, including parties, communions, baby showers, and workshops.

Langside Rest - function hire

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a vibrant, progressive and sustainable club which offers fantastic quality facilities for its community of members and beyond to enjoy a variety of sports, recreation, bio-diversity and volunteering opportunities.


Core Values

  • To foster a whole club community ethos

  • To provide a welcoming, sociable and inclusive environment

  • To promote opportunities for all members to develop their skills through volunteering

  • To create strong links with the local community

  • To have a progressive and proactive approach to promoting the Club

  • To continuously improve the Club and its facilities

  • To encourage and support participation in sports, recreation and bio-diversity activities


Club Culture

Our Club is open to all irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, sexuality or disability, and is committed to building a culture of positivity and respect.  This includes:

  • a welcoming, accessible environment

  • constructive attitudes that encourage and support others

  • good communication to listen, share, motivate, and involve our member community

  • opportunities that promote collaboration and shared responsibility

  • policies that reflect our commitment and responsibility

We want all members and users of Albert Park to feel valued and know that they have a vital role to play in shaping our Club now and in the future.

Our Community For Life! 

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