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BIO Group (Be Involved Outdoors)


The Bio Group is a group of volunteers interested in taking action to increase the biodiversity and enhance the natural beauty of Albert Park.

Group activities

  • Physical activities involve digging, clearing, raking, pruning, lopping, sawing, seeding, bulb-planting and more.

  • Non-strenuous tasks include fund raising, plant identification/surveys, maintaining the planters and beds, etc. 

  • We also have links with other organisations such as The Conservation Volunteers to provide potential for learning new skills and gaining knowledge, such as: fruit tree pruning, plant identification, dealing with invasive plant species, bird song identification, etc.


Who can join our group

We welcome both members of Langside Sports Club and non-members from within the community.

Non-members must register an application to join the Bio Group with Langside Sports Club - CLICK HERE

When our volunteer sessions take place

Tuesdays and Saturdays 10.30am – 12pm

How to contact our group and find out more

Email -

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